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All Things Work for the Good...

In our ministry headquarters we house an outreach to the community known as the Glenpool Outreach Center (GOC). This ministry provides food to families in transition and utilities support when the services are about the be shut off.
After the incredible amount of rain we received early Thursday morning, the area that takes cares of all of the families flooded. The water flowed in through our children's ministry area and ruined carpets and many other things. My first reaction was "why this ministry?", "why now?". What added to my pain was the fact that the water leaked in through an area damaged by a recent tornado that should have been fixed already but insurance issues are slow in getting resolved and the work has not been done yet. After taking a few deep breaths I sent up a prayer of thanks to the Lord for the good that was going to come out of this terrible ordeal. I even let a little smile out as I thought of how God could use this flood to raise the standard of this fruitful ministry.
The rest of our staff gathered in the foyer of The Landing to pray and thank God in advance for the fact that ALL things will work and mingle together to produce something beneficial for all of us.(Romans 8:28) When we finished, though we knew more rain was coming last night, we had peace that we will overcome.
Maybe you are going through some situations that are out of your control. You may be reeling from the hit, in shock, maybe even frustrated by the circumstances. Know that God is in control and will not allow harm to come near your dwelling...your home or your church! Trust Him and let loose that smile that shows confident assurance that God is going to show up strong and deliver you. The BEST is yet to come:)