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Catch Your Breath

I think we all have times when we get our lives so filled up with activities that we find ourselves weary and tired. Oftentimes when we feel this way, it doesn't mean that we need to quit , it may just mean that we need to catch our breath. Runners experience something when they go long distances. As they gather in packs and make their way through the course they starts strong. After sometime on the road they feel fatigue set in. They get tired and seem to run out of air. But then something strange takes place. It's as if their entire body gets rejuvenated in an instant and they get a second wind. This newfound air propels them to finish as if they had just started!
Maybe you need to catch your breath today. When adversity comes over and over again, when the challenges are seemingly insurmountable...pause...catch your breath and keep going! Run the race in such a way as to WIN! Keep your eyes on the prize and lift your eyes to the skies...your help is coming from the Lord!