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From Victim to Victory

Imagine being kidnapped as a teenager and brought to a place where you'd stay for more than 60 years. Once you were there you would be told what to eat and what to drink; how to talk and how to live. And if that wasn't enough, they'd even change your name!
This is Daniel's story from Bible. He was taken to Babylon; a place so large that slaves were being trained to govern the area because of its enormous size and need. From all appearances, nothing seemed to be in Daniel's control. He could have been depressed because he was a victim of circumstance.
But Daniel had something more than teen spirit...he had an excellent spirit. (Daniel 6:3) And because of that spirit, God was bringing him into favor and blessing even in the midst of terrible circumstances. He purposed in his heart to follow his convictions and stay true to his God. He was holding on to faith.
Regardless of what you are facing today, God is in control. He controls governments, situations and people. He can turn the heart of a king in whatever direction he wishes. And he can turn your terrible seasons into seasons of favor and blessing. Daniel went from kidnap victim to governing victor! You will too! You are not a victim. God is about to make you victorious! Let your excellent spirit rise up today!