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Making a Clean Break

Sometimes we attach ourselves
 to things that we shouldn’t.

Making a clean break requires
 letting go of some good things
 to be able to handle some better things.
Think about it...if you can't release 
properly, you can never receive properly.

                                                                                Dr George Sweeting was on a trip to Niagara Falls with his family. Being springtime they watched as ice rushed down the river. Frozen inside the ice he could see the outline of dead fish. They made for easy meals for the seagulls. They would land on a block of melting ice, chip away at it until they could get to the fish, eat it, and then fly off before the ice disappeared over the falls. One feasting gull was not so lucky. As it approached the falls and spread its wings to fly away, it had spent so much time on the block of ice that its claws had frozen on to it. It struggled and struggled until finally the ice when hurtling over the falls with the bird unable to break its hold.

What's the lesson? Sometimes we spend so much time clinging to something good, that we hinder ourselves from grabbing on to something that’s great! What are your claws frozen on to? Loose it and let it go! Perhaps you need to make a clean break today!