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Prayer Makes a Difference

Today I want you to take
time to pray for YOU...
that's right, pray for yourself!
Many times you can get so
wrapped up in the needs
of your friends and your
families, your co-workers
and your church folks and
you forget the greatest asset
you have...YOU!
You matter to God. And you ought to matter to you too! In John 17 Jesus showed us a formula for maintaining a healthy and effective prayer life. Read the chapter throughout the can even break it down into breakfast, lunch and dinner sections. The first thing he did was to pray for himself. Praying for yourself is not selfish, it's crucial. If you are not steady and stable you will never be ready and able. Jesus showed you the process. He gave you and I permission to pray for ourselves.
Secondly, Jesus prayer for believers. Pray for those in the faith that are connected to you. Pray for those believers that are not directly connected to you but impacted by your life and calling. Pray for those that make decisions that affect your life and livelihood.
Lastly, Jesus prayed for those yet to believe. We exist on the planet to show others the way to Christ and when we pray for the lost, we will find ourselves attracted to them and find them drawn to the Christ in us too.
Prayer makes a difference and the difference is prayer! Be blessed!