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Today, an excerpt from some of my "joetry"...

What makes a flower open up
to show its inner beauty?
What makes a child giggle
when others call them "cutie"?
Why does it rain in parts of town
while other spots stay dry?
Why does the vision start to fade
with years, upon each eye?
Why do all insects scream and chirp
when darkness steals the day?
What makes a child drop their toy
rather than put it away?
What makes the heart grow hard and cold
and turn real love away?
What makes a person turn their back
and let crime have its way?
Why is the driveway where we park
and the parkway where we drive?
Why can each hand and foot we have
only count to five?
Why do we go to war for peace
then pray for peace from war?
Why are so many so well off
while others are so poor?
What makes Starbucks taste so great
and Folger's taste so bland?
Why do we praise performers
by "giving them a hand"?
Who started all the boo-ing
when the team we play arrives?
Why do some words have two meanings,
like feet. drumsticks and hives?
Questions that keep running through my head
some crazy and some not.
We all have many every day
how bout' sharing some you've got?