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Today begins for me my very first Staycation. I will not vacate Tulsa. I am STAYing right here. The good news is that my entire family is coming here and that means fun, activity, and little rest. What rest do we really need anyway and just what doesnit mean to rest?
Jesus said in Matthew, "come to me all of you that are weary and overwhelmed by life's burdens and I will give you REST". in God's eyes rest has a different definition. When He says that he will give us rest he really means that he will carry the heavy stuff and give us a more manageable load. You see when we are not overloaded, we can enjoy our day and when you enjoy your work, its really not work at all!
So today, make an exchange...your heavy burdens for what God has designed you to carry. You will smile more, laugh more and find sweet rest in every way!
Now, I gotta go...there's 13 Joneses about to invade T-town!