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Cravings and Appetite

 Constant craving...its that longing, yearning and desire for more. Whenever we talk about craving we almost always talk about food. That desire is what fuels our appetite. When we feed ourselves the wrong things our appetite becomes insatiable. That feeling of never feeling satisfied is what leads us to become "addicted" to certain things. Perhaps this thought captivated my heart because the Tulsa Fair begins today and food is all they have been talking about! Fried butter(ugh) and the heart stopper: two Krispy Kreme donuts with a hamburger in the middle! People will be craving this one!
Jesus told us to hunger and thirst for righteousness. To crave doing the right things at the right time and for the right reasons. What are you hungry for? Is it more of the life that His spirit has to offer or are you craving things that the world provides? The appetite for worldly things will always leave you wanting more. Jesus is the only One who can completely satisfy your appetite. When your appetite starts talking, show it the right things. If you are going to get addicted to something, why not get addicted to Jesus! If you go after what's good for you, you will get what is good for you. And remember...
it's not the minutes at the table that make you fat, its the seconds!:)

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