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Forgive and Remember

Corrie Ten Boom once wrote that "forgiveness is setting the prisoner free, and realizing that you are the prisoner." For the past few weeks at The Landing our series has been Forgive and Remember. It only makes sense that since we can never forget, that we develop some skills to turn a memory into a memorable benefit to our lives emotionally, physically and spiritually.
I had a very moving moment for me at the start of the series. I brought in an entire set of luggage labeled with things that people deal with every day...abuse, betrayal, shame, guilt, sin...this list is huge. As I placed my bags around me to discuss I began to see a picture of why it is always so hard in our churches to see a genuine, authentic move of the supernatural. I saw a picture in my mind of every person at the church, and there were hundreds there that day, bringing their own full set of luggage into the worship center. Imagine 300 people, each with at least a 6 piece set, and see the picture of all of those things spread throughout your worship center. How can God move through all of that?
He wants us to get rid of the bags. Lay aside every weight and the sin that keeps tripping you up. Stop carrying the guilt and shame into every new relationship, or job or church. The prisoner has been set free and YOU were that prisoner!