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Go Your Way

There was a certain nobleman that had a son that was ill. Everyone thought that he would die. The nobleman heard that Jesus was coming back to Cana, the place of his first miracle and this man sought him ought to convince him to come to the house and heal his boy. Jesus' response is surprising. It wasn't "sure" or "absolutely". He said, "unless YOU PEOPLE see signs and wonders you will by no means believe". Not quite sure of the tone hear but when you are desperate for a miracle, you just don't hear everything that is said. The nobleman then asked Jesus to come before the child died. Again, Jesus surprises by saying, "go your way, your son lives." What? No laying on of hands? Healing by proxy and not proximity! This is amazing!
Today people seem to chase the latest miraculous event. We run after the concert, the seminar, the place where the last physical healing was because that means Jesus and the power that He gives must be THERE. Healing is not in a place, it's in His presence!
The fact is, that power is wherever someone who has received Him as Lord and Savior is. That power is present right there in your home, your office YOUR church! People thought that Jesus had to be physically present for the miracle to occur. This was the first time that he "sent His Word" ahead to heal.
Whatever you need today is available if you will seek it. Stop searching for speakers and following teachers and connect with Jesus and His Word. You want signs and wonders...find Him. Now GO YOUR WAY...YOUR DREAM LIVES!