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Road Trip

A couple of summers ago my two boys took their first road trip from Tulsa to Nashville. They were so excited to be "going away" without dad and they got their money and things together and left at 6am. We prayed for them to have a great trip and for the Lord to use the time to form a tight bond between them.
I sort of knew what to expect as my oldest son was a bit directionally challenged. They had not been gone 15 minutes before the first call came in asking to make sure they were on the right road. I would talk to them many times that day as they took their journey together.I was smiling on the inside and out as they continued to ask me for guidance and direction.
I think that the Lord feels the same way about us as we take this journey through life. I'm certain he smiles as we ask him for guidance and keep checking in to make sure we are on the right road. We get so excited about the journey sometimes that we lose all sense of direction. Fortunately, the Lord is always there, offering traveling mercies to us so that we can make it to our destination. So get your things together and get back on the road. He will guide you and bring you to the desires of your heart!