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I used to be a fairly "routine" person with no spontaneity at all. Several years ago, one trip would change all of that. I decided I was going to as they say “wing it” on this trip and do whatever I felt like whenever I wanted to. No agenda, no plan, going by the "seat of my pants". My first impulse came on my flight when I was in Atlanta trying to get to Florida. I decided to try and get an earlier flight than what was scheduled. I waited as #4 on the standby list and got it…I would get to Florida 1 hour sooner! After my first night in the hotel, the noise from construction was so loud it woke me up. Normally I would have pulled out me earplugs(yes, I planned ahead and packed them) and think nothing of it. I got the cheapest, smallest room available and this is the way it is. But I was on a spontaneous week. Everything was “off the cuff”. So I went to the front desk and talked to the manager. After about a half hour of deliberation she came out, apologized for the delay and asked me if it would be OK if she moved me down to the floor the pool was on and put me in a 2 room suite!
As the week went on I found myself bored because my schedule was not packed. I was such a “plan it” person that I was having to force myself to just let go and let God guide me. What I discovered is that the more I tried to control my day, the more my day controlled me! 
Maybe you are in a "rut" from doing the same things the same way ALL the time. Why not shake it up a little? Why not let go of your plan and go with God's for a change? You may be pleasantly surprised by just how wonderful it is!