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Complete the Circle

The other day as I was typing some information out for a newsletter, I inserted the two little curves pictured here with some text in between them.(parentheses) The information that was in between this disconnected circle was intended to help bring the (circle) together. It was supplemental information that helped to bring more clarity to the grouping of words before it.
It made me think of what someone might place in the parentheses if they came after my name. What information would be put in there that may often be omitted but would provide the reader with a better understanding of who I was? It also caused me to think of what I might place inside the marks: what was in my parentheses?
Some of the most popular books in the wold have to do with helping you and I unwrap our purpose and do what we were designed to do. In other words, we are in search of more definition: better words to fill our parentheses. You are on the planet for a reason and you mean something to so many people that are around you. How are you influencing others? What types of things are you doing that bring better quality of life to those in your circle? Perhaps our giving to others helps determine the words in our parentheses. Take some time today to think about it...what's in your parentheses? What will complete your circle?