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How do you handle disappointment? There is a great deal of news out there that is not encouraging and not pleasing to hear. Some of that news indirectly touches our lives and some of it impacts us on a more personal level. The core of the believer, one that trusts in the Lord Jesus Christ, is equipped with sensitivities and solutions for challenging reports and situations. In other words, if you are here today and you confess to be born again, the way that you handle bad news ought to be different than the person without a relationship with Christ.

This past week I was reading the story of Nehemiah. It's probably one of the greatest leadership lessons in the Bible. When Nehemiah learned that Jerusalem had been ransacked and that the walls were in ruins it says that he sat down and cried. That's right, this powerful leader, who would accomplish a supernatural act in rebuilding this walls and restoring hope, sat down and cried. He mourned for many days. And then something changed. He began to pray about the disappointing news. He asked God to forgive the mistakes of his forefathers and his people. And then he reminded God what he had said to Moses: that if the people repented and changed their ways, God would show mercy and extend grace towards them. It was at this point that hope and promise became stronger than hurt and pain. And that is the place where the healing begins!

Whats the first thing you do when you hear disappointing news? Phone a friend? Text a buddy? Maybe you need a good cry! Perhaps a season to grieve over what happened? When the tears stop and the mourning is over, let the joy come again by acknowledging God and trusting Him to do what He said He would do! He will never leave you and He will be faithful to bring you through victoriously! Today turn disappointments into His-appointments!