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Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens. Tolkien  

Faith is said to be substantial: it's the substance of all that we hope  for and evidence of what we cannot see. It's what those that came before us were commended for. Faith without the willingness to DO something is not faith at all.

In 2005 my personal life was rocked a bit as the big D hit my home: divorce. I had been married for two decades so life was about to change dramatically. In fact, today I would have celebrated 25 years. Every year this week seems to challenge me. You see when life changed, so did I. Somethjing I could not see became evidence that something was there inside of me. It was FAITH. 
Faith was no longer some surreal wishing for a better life, it became tangible for me. In fact many nights it was all that I had to hold on to while everything else was going away. The road was darkening. Many things I loved were saying "farewell".
Right there in the midst of the darkness was a flickering light: hope was trying to burn though pain kept blowing it out. Eventually hope won the day and became a burning flame that would not only illuminate my path, it would remind me that there is something greater than darkness. Each year, the flame has gotten taller and the light burns brighter as my "new normal" synchronizes to my life. I am not faithless. I am faithful or should I say faith-filled
Faith grew mightily in me! And faith can rise up in you today! It comes by hearing the Word of God. Grab your bible and start reading some of the psalms. David lived a life of faith. Try psalm 91 and see if your light starts to shine again!
Happy Anniversary to my dear mom and dad who celebrate their anniversary today!