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Love Never Fails

A heart is not judged by how much you love; but by how much you are loved by others. Wizard of OZ
On Halloween Sunday I begin a series that I first did in 2006 called The Gospel According to the Wizard of Oz. I am always amazed at how the Lord chooses to speak to me through art, music and the movies. There are many quotes from this movie that I will be sharing over the next few weeks. Can you learn something about God from the Wizard of Oz? Absolutely!
Each of the characters in this movie were in search of something...something that they possessed all along. It just hit you didn't it?:)
It's important to love others. And in this day and age, its important to be loved too. This was one of the wizards bits of counsel. I have to say that I have often found that the hearts capacity for love is determined by its ability to be given away. Jesus said to love others as you love yourself. You cannot begin to be the lover of mankind you should be without first looking in the mirror and appreciating YOU! You were designed by God!
Today, let out that joy as you follow the yellow brick road to your job. Love unconditionally. Love always. One thing is always true: love NEVER fails!