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Rock Solid

Whatever is in your heart, go and do it. God is with you.
In 2 Samuel 7 David had an epiphany. He began to feel deep concern for making certain that the presence of God was secure for himself and those entrusted to his care. He wanted to build a temple, a house for the Lord to dwell in. Nathan, the prophet, uttered the words above to him after hearing of his desire.
But then the Lord spoke to the prophet with a much more poignant  and detailed dialogue sharing with him some encouraging words to pass on to David. The bottom line was that he should tell David not to worry about building Him a house. He was going to build the house of David!
David was about to be abundantly blessed. He was saying and doing the right things and his heart was right before God. God offered a permanently secured future for his household and his children. And He promised to make his royal throne “rock solid”.
Maybe today you have some doubts about God and how you fit in His plan? You may even wonder if He really has any idea about your situation and your family? Perhaps you too have had an epiphany and feel in your heart that it’s time to get the Lord’s presence more securely established and closer to you. Whatever is in your heart, go and do it. God is with you.
Here's the wonderful truth:God resides in the heart of every person that calls upon Him and receives Him as their Lord and Savior. He brought you to where you are, He provided what was necessary to reach this place in your life and His desire is that you be in health and prosper in EVERY area of your life. May you hear today the encouragement that you need to keep pursuing Him and may He assure you that your household and your future are firmly secure as you trust in Him. Trust in the solid rock makes your life rock solid!