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Youth Pastor Take-Over!

Last night the youth pastors of The Landing took over KXOJ in Tulsa for a couple of hours to play some music, talk about the church and introduce themselves to the community. What a cool idea...a local radio station that wants to let the people in the city get to know youth leaders! Kudos, KXOJ...the station that is truly excited over Jesus!
Rachel and Bodie Sanders talked to the people, did shameless plugs for The Landing and even read some text messages from yours truly and many others that helped create excitement and lift up the name of the Lord!
Today I wanted to say thank you to KXOJ for ALL that they do to make a difference in the life of people in Tulsa and every other area that KXOJ reaches! Music from the heart that is for the heart can change the entire outcome of your day.
To all youth pastors in this area and around the world, thank you for accepting that specific calling that God placed on you to help our young people choose life, deal with trouble and walk with Christ through their daily struggles. You are special, you are blessed and you are highly favored! I lift up a cup of joe to you today and say thank you!