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Adorned With Beauty

This entire year I have focused on a keyword: illuminate. As I drove back to my house last night after dark I was reminded about this word again as I looked at all of the beautiful Christmas lights that shine in our community. I realize that light can do many things. I have been talking to our church all year about three "powers" that light has: it enhances, enlightens and exposes.
As I drove through some of the neighborhoods by my house I thought about how these little colorful bursts of light enhance the space they shine in and adorn with beauty the homes. It made me wonder if I was shining like I am supposed to be. Do I add to conversations and bring God's glory in when I arrive at my meetings? Is my language a reflection of Christ in me? Would Jesus be happy with the way that I am "illuminated" right now?
As you look at the Christmas lights around your home and admiring their beauty, think about how much beauty you are adding in your circle of influence. Just a few lights on a bush makes such a huge difference. A few acts of kindness, words of encouragement or gifts of generosity will have such an incredible impact upon others. Shine brightly today!