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A Leadership IV

There are many formulas and strategies for developing leaders. There are also many people who believe that they are leading. If no one is following you then chances are real good that you are not a leader. As we continue to build some great people in our city and become the church that the Lord designed us to be it will be crucial for us to develop leaders for the many outreaches and ministries that the Lord is birthing within our ministry. Without leadership, the ministry will become stagnant, stall and eventually die. I've been spending some time praying and thinking about the qualities that you will find in great leadership candidates. If you are having trouble sustaining leaders, maybe you need to hook up an IV.  Intravenous therapy gets what is needed directly into the veins to expedite recovery. Here's my potent IV for health so you can get some energy and strength into your leadership program.


Integrity is defined as moral soundness and honesty. If we can't be honest with ourselves then we will never be able to lead people honestly. Mark Twain once said "when you tell the truth, you never have to remember what you said!" Be honest with the people around you. Speak the truth in love and always remain ethical in your decisions and your procedures. Keep things black and white and stay away frm the gray.


Leaders always seem to be "forward-thinkers". They are visionary and they see a big picture in advance of the manifestation of it. They see groups of people working together when the people are not even grouped yet! Without vision, people die. That's biblical. You can't follow a parked car. Keep moving ahead and always talk about it.Vision ignites the spark that will become a flame as the team rubs elbows together.

If you get hooked up to this IV you will start to see color come back into the faces of your leaders. Health will be restored and growth will once again be possible. All it takes to get going is some integrity and vision. Start you leadership IV today!