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Sharing a Cup of Joe

I like spending time with people in one on one settings and sharing a cup of joe. There is nothing more exciting than an idea or a dream that is launched or initiated by a casual meeting in a coffee shop. In fact, when I think about how the Lord would engage with people if He were walking around today, I am quite certain that stopping by the local cafe' would be on His agenda.
Encouragement is a powerful tool that we can use to lift up someone's spirits, help them through a rough patch or simply fuel the passion that already exists in their soul. One of my greatest joys comes in helping others to realize their life purpose and get moving in the direction of fulfilling it. It's where the ministry of Dreams2Destiny Center comes from. Making scriptures, quotes and inspirational teaching available 24/7 is my passion. It's been that way from the time that D2D started to the launching of The Landing to the creation of our daily Cup of Joe blog.
Today, I am thrilled to bring to you another piece of the DREAM...another way to access the messages of The Landing and the writings of Cup of Joe whenever you want them on your Iphone. You will also have contact information readily available so that sharing them is easy.
Go to the APP store on your phone, search "Cup of Joe" and download our free app today. There you can listen, read and share a cup of joe with people that need a quick pick me up. You have been following Cup of Joe so why not let us go with you each day?
If you have Itunes on your computer you can also get this on your computer. We will keep going after more ways to spread the word and share a cup of joe. If you'd like to have a basic player for your PC or Mac just go here.

If you have a local newspaper, talk show or other format that you think would be a great platform for Cup of Joe, please email us that info and we will see if we can make it happen. Email us at