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Tribute to My Best Friend

Midnight(Midi) 2001-2010
There are many reasons I am writing this special article today. There are moments in life that turn into seasons which you never forget because of the impact they have on you. For the last decade, I have had an incredible friend to sit with, an energetic buddy to take long walks with and a friendly partner to watch movies with at home. Of course, for those of you that know me, you know I am talking about the most amazing miniature dachshund ever...Midnight. (Midi)
When a favorite pet gets sick or finds themselves in terrible pain, many people talk about "putting them down". For my best friend I choose to say that we "sent him up". Since I am completely certain that God loves animals and I know through scripture that when Jesus comes back He will be riding a white horse, and because He knows how much this special canine meant to me and my children, I fully believe that I will see him again.
I will spend lots of time missing him right now but try to focus on all of the funny things we did together and the way that he made me feel each and every day.
People tend to say hateful things and let us down because of the way they feel. Midnight was the same everyday...running to meet me when I got home, following me around the house and sitting next to me in whatever chair I chose to sit in. He wanted to be with me. And I realize now more than ever how much I wanted to be with him.
Though seasons will change, sensitivities don't as easily and my heart misses him deeply today. I have pictures, movies and even a feature article that was done on him as the Preachers Pet in a local magazine to keep me thinking about the many ways he changed my life. He was no respector of persons and could always love us whether he got that love back in return or not! I wish more people were like Midnight!
Midnight, there is a part of me that aches today and at the same time, another part that is so thrilled we had a decade of time to spend together. I'm going to keep a couple of bones in the house because I know how much you love them and your favorite tennis ball is going to stay in the living room to remind me of how much you liked to chase it and bring it back to me. I smile as I think of you without any pain and laying at the edge of heaven looking over that edge(just like you used to do on the couch) to see what we are doing. Let me assure you, we are thinking of you!
Rest in peace, little buddy! I love you more than you will ever know!