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We're Off to Make a Difference...

This weekend I will finish up one of my favorite things we do at The Landing…a series called The Gospel According to the Wizard of Oz. I am always thrilled as a pastor when people comment about how a series touches their heart. I am quite certain none of our people will ever look at this movie the same again!
The common lesson that is seen throughout this classic is the fact that each character was searching for something: something that they had all the time. Many believers today are in pursuit of their “destiny” because we have taught them from the pulpit that they must find it or they will never be happy. So they take a journey and keep searching for something that they never really know whether they have found or not…is this it? Am I doing what I am supposed to be doing?
Consider today that where you are right now is where you were supposed to be. If you love God with all your heart and have asked Jesus to be Lord of your life then you my friend are walking that yellow brick road that we call “destiny” right now. Every decision that is being made and every circumstance is being used in such a way as to develop a deep and meaningful relationship with your Creator. We are only passing through this life and you and I must make the most of it. You can stop trying to find some magical path because long before you were born God thought of everything! Destiny is right where you are…you walk in it everyday! Isn’t that a relief? I thought so! Whenever we surrender our heart, our thoughts, our words and our actions to Him we find a way that the bible calls “fullness of joy”.  No clicking your heels together. You already have a brain, a heart and all the courage you need for the trip!We’re off to make a difference, a wonderful difference for God!