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Candlelight Communion

Throughout this week, many churches will host candlelight communion services. For me the significance is obvious. Jesus IS the light of the world. When we meet around the table for the Lord’s Supper(communion) we remember all that He did to show us how light works and what light’s purpose was. The He said to you and I, YOU are the light of the world. Don’t let your light be hidden. Set it up high and let your glow illuminate everyone in your circle of influence. As each person lights their candle a glow permeates the room and before long that light can be seen on the face of everyone attending.
Perhaps the most significant part of the service for me is the reminder that we are to carry that “glow” and spread that light as we leave. The light must not be confined to a church building or a special service. As you gather around your tables this Christmas with family and friends, don’t forget to shine to those you love and let the light of the world be seen in you. Jesus came into the world as light so that no one would have to remain in darkness. Let YOUR light shine this Christmas!