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This weekend I had the privilege of watching a kids musical @TheLanding. Seeing these children using their gifts to glorify God touched the very core of my soul. Dreams2Destiny Center Inc. ( is a non-profit that helps people identify their gifts and callings and move in the direction of fulfilling them.  Through some life coaching and business consulting D2D helps people and corporations get unstuck. It's what I believe to be my life purpose in this season so you can imagine how excited I was to witness these little dreams moving in the right way!
So many people have abandoned what they were designed to do because life happened: things, people and circumstances took them on a path that they did not necessarily desire. After a while they realize that they never did what they really wanted to do and they end up living the rest of their life disappointed, discouraged and depressed. Well let me say to you today, it is never to late to move in the direction of your dreams! God has a way of blowing off the clutter and removing the residue so that you can see clearly what He made you to do. To get there you just have to be obedient and start walking.
The young people I watched this weekend will be the youth pastors, the politicians, the musicians and the leaders of our future.Someone has to help them to believe in the dream that is in them. You may need someone to help you get off the couch or out of the office and start moving forward towards the life that was set up for you by God. One good decision at a time. One baby step at a time.
Are you ready to move from being full to being fulfilled? Ask God to help you fan into flame the dream and purpose that is onside of you. Surround yourself with some faith-filled folks that believe you can do anything that God says you can do. And above all else, start moving forward. This could be the day that clarity begins to come to you and things start lining up in your favor!