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Goodbye 2010!!!

Have you fought the good fight? Have you finished your race of 2010? Can you get excited about all that transpired this year? No matter what happened or didn't happen, who showed up and who left, what promotion you got or didn't get, this chapter 2010 is over today!! Can I get an AMEN!
I encourage you today to pray through the final moments of this year and into the first minutes of the next one. Be sober-minded and alert. Act as if the decision you make today were going to determine the future you wake up to tomorrow. How you leave 2010 will determine how you enter 2011. It's all up to you right now.
Tie up those loose ends. Forgive freely, trust voluntarily and love unconditionally. Close out this years business and speak some positive words over the upcoming one. Say it with me..."my God shall supply ALL of MY need according to His riches in glory!" Can I get another AMEN!
You may have had some rough patches this year. For many that patch may have lasted 12 months! The good news is that this year is over and you can either say what you have or have what you say.
Say goodbye to 2010 and release it...let it go! Get ready, get ready, get ready for a fresh start to the best part...a new day, a new year and a new beginning! Goodbye 2010! Hello 2011!