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Perfect Peace

With perfect peace you will protect those whose  minds cannot be changed, because they trust you. Isaiah 26:3
One of the names given to Jesus is the Prince of Peace. We know through reading His word that where chaos and confusion is, he cannot be. Evil resides in the midst of confusion. In the last 2 days many people have asked me about the birds and the fish that died in Arkansas. This story has prompted many people to ask the question "what does the Bible say?"Seems there is some confusion over these events and what they mean.
Though there is not any specific reference to multitudes of fish and fowl turning up dead, there is something that all of us should know. Know Him, know peace. No Him, no peace. You can be absolutely certain that there will be many unexplainable phenomenons that occur from now until Jesus comes back for His church. The best way to handle the curiosity and to answer your questions is to develop a relationship with Christ. The Bible is clear on many issues. On some it is silent. Others it is a bit vague. Only through Christ can we find a place of quiet resolve.
Craziness will not subside. Confusion will rise. Chaos is inevitable. The promise from God is that you can find "perfect peace" when you keep Him in your thoughts. Know Him today.