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Steppin Out and Steppin In

We've been talking about Joshua at church and how to live a COURAGEOUS life. Part of that journey includes the incredible crossing of the Jordan River. The Jordan River was an obstacle that stood between where Joshua was and where God wanted him to be. You may have something right now that is a big hindrance to your doing what God intended you to do. The Jordan was usual only 100 feet across but at this particular time because it was flood stage, it was almost one mile across! How in the world can you get across that?
There is a great lesson in Chapter 3 of Joshua. Simply stated its this: "if you are willing to get your feet wet, God can keep your feet dry". Most of us lack the courage to not just step out but to step in to what we should be doing. When the priests stepped into the water, it dried up and the entire nation walked through without getting their feet wet!
Let this be the day that you not only step out, you step in too. It's time to get to the other side and walk in the destiny that you were designed to live in. Are you willing to get your feet wet?