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The Year of Courageous Living

I have chosen this year to live my life more courageously. It is my theme for the year and I have been studying the Book of Joshua and how the Lord prepared him to cross over the Jordan and to defeat the enemies in the city of Jericho. This story will make something rise up inside of you and stand up for what you believe. You will face danger of pain and no one will see you sweat!
I can't remember the last time I commented on an issue or question that I had seen on television or read in the paper.  I usually side on the soft, gentle and simple side of encouraging people. Hopefully it is a fresh blend of inspiration for the daily grind. But after a 12 hour day at the office and an hour to sit at home and unwind, my ears caught a clip from an interview with pastors Joel and Victoria Osteen and Piers Morgan. So I I watched a clip from the interview which airs on the Piers Morgan show the 26th of January.
Piers got into the subject of homosexuality and asked if it was a sin. Pastor Joel replied without hesitation, "yes" and you can imagine, the conversation was off to the races! In a manner of minutes, Sir Elton John's name was brought into the mix and the interview from Piers' side became a bit more combative. Pastor Joel held to his convictions on what the Word of God said.
When Piers commented on the fact that "Elton would not be happy about you saying that" and continued saying "what, do you think he just woke up one day and was gay?". Can I just say, we all have choices to make. We make them everyday. When Adam went to sleep and God took a rib from his side God made a woman. That was how he did it: suitable and appropriate mate for man. Adam did not look at God's creation and and say, "God, that's good but I want someone like me!" Why?
Because when God designs it, it is not just right, its the absolute best for you that there is. It was later when Eve went off in the Garden of Eden and made some bad choices with Adam that sin entered the picture. Our choices brought on our trouble.
Elton was faced one day with a choice. He chose. Is it the best that he could have? Not according to the Bible! Is he happy? Yes, as it relates to the truth he knows. Scripture does not say that truth sets you free. It tells us that the truth we know will set us free. You and I have had choices to make also.
I wanted to say last night as I watched this interview, 'Piers, as angry as you are at Joel saying that homosexuality is a sin, I am even more disappoointed by you stating that he is judging this person. You don't look at a person that steals something and judge them as a thief. The fact that they stole something makes them one. Piers, you are making this about people and the issue is not about people, its about their choices".
Personally I feel that this is a lifestyle choice which is why as Christians we can embrace the person but not their action. We love our brothers and sisters that have chosen this course for their life.  Do we believe that this is the best choice for them? No. Because according to the Word of God it is not. You and I have to set standards and follow a moral compass to navigate our lives by. All of us must hold to our standards and our convictions.
As followers of Jesus Christ, we believe that the Word if God is the absolute truth. It is the blueprint, the standard by which we measure our success and make our choices. Without that plumb line, we are on our own. Without this standards we would most likely choose to eat apples we shouldn't eat, say things we shouldn't say and be with people we shouldn't be with. It does not make us bad people, just bad decision makers! Misguided, not misfits.
Thank God we live in a world where our Lord and Savior has allowed us the opportunity to make choices and grow as we do. For some the choices are easy while others live their entire lives trying to find a standard of measure that brings them happiness and complete satisfaction. Complete fulfillment can only come in Christ and choosing His way. MATT 6:33
Joel, Victoria, Elton and Piers...I love you all and pray that we can all make the choices that God intended for us to make and find eternal happiness in the process:)