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Find Some Balance

Ten days ago in one part of our state it was -31 degrees. Yesterday it was 73! When they say that "if you don't like the weather in Oklahoma, just will change" they are so right! When things change that much its hard to set a schedule. That's a wide span of temperature. I like to take walks outside but not when its -31! And I don't like to wear a coat when its 73.  Do I get the shorts out or do I keep them put away? Should I take an umbrella or a snow shovel?
One thing that I've noticed it that the warm weather brings out some nice attitudes. Smiles seem to show up more frequently. One of my friends shared a quote the other day with me that said..."your day will go the way that the corners of your mouth turn." Love that!
Weather changes, jobs change, relationships change, even your spiritual well-being can go from -31 to 73! I think our goal ought to be in finding some balance. Too many people go to each extreme, just like our Tulsa weather.
Prepare yourself for the uncomfortable changes and rejoice in the ones that turn the corners of your mouth up. You were made for this. You are more than conqueror. You are a champion! Think like one. Act like one. Now smile like one!