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Frozen Thoughts

It's sunny today and the weather man says the temperature will climb above freezing so that some of this snow can melt. He also said that yesterdays 5 inch blast of the powdery stuff would be only 1"! I've got my cup of joe and I was reflecting over the last several days and the things that occur when you are trapped in your own home by 20" of snow.
They refer to several days of isolation as "cabin fever" which always confused me because I associate "cabins" with great vacation places and fun times with friends and family. One of my favorite cabins in in Oglebay Park in Wheeling WVA. I've never felt trapped there!
When the kids were little we would play together on snow days. Then they would run outside and only return for food and new dry clothes. Now they play video games, watch movies, and update their Facebook pages and well, they eat much more food! On my second trip out to the store to get some basics this week I was greeted by empty shelves in the biscuit, butter and milk aisle. It was Snowmaggedon! I had never seen that before. That led me to all of the frozen foods that would go well with my frozen thoughts. Thanks God the oven works!
More snow is coming, but I have to say that when the good Lord gives us some time off, we need to be better about how we use it. I have no plan. I was not prepared. And in a few weeks the weather will be warm and work will be overwhelming and I will be praying for a few days off! The highlight of my time was the hour spent running around the neighborhood in my 4X4 and making a way out for my neighbors. It was the only constructive thing I did! I need to do better. I need to learn how to rest, relax and refresh. How about you?
God bless all of you across the country who are hunkered down in your "cabins" and surviving the winter blasts. May your frozen thoughts turn into warm hopes for future projects and ideas that will change the world and bless your family!