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Look Again!

I took a walking tour yesterday of some of the hotels that I always wanted to see while here in Las Vegas. As I walked into the Venetian(my fav place-dream trip would be to go to Italy!) I was snapping some photos and caught this one. For a second it may appear that you are outside and the natural light was coming in. Upon closer inspection you realize that this ceiling has been painted! Most of the things that I have seen while visiting here have been "unbelievable"!
I wonder how many times in my life I make assumptions or hasty decisions without really looking closely at what is in front of me. It seems that we can be so reactionary sometimes.
Today I pray that you will be able to discern what is that good and pleasing thing that the Lord desires you to do with your life. He has painted a lovely blue sky over your life if you just stop and appreciate it every once in a while. Blue skies are smiling at YOU! Look again!