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P is for Power

It's been a SUPER week so far and we are becoming the incredible spiritual beings that long to bring unity to the world we live in. P might stand for Punxsutawney Phil as today is the day he will use his extraordinary power to predict whether winter is over or hanging around for a few more weeks! Well all shadows considered, Phil can't compete with the Gospel, the Good News, also know as the Word of God. For us P is for POWER. In fact Paul said in Romans 1 "I am not ashamed of the Gospel for it is the power of God that leads to salvation..." What is the power? The good news of Jesus Christ!
This weekend the two best teams in the NFL will collide on a field of grass and toss around a ball of leather. Muscles will be flexed, energy expended and talent portrayed to the world. Powerful people will make powerful decisions. Power plays will be called as power formations are outlined for the players. Advertisers will spend millions of dollars to position their product in the most powerful place to sell it to the consumer. And still with all the power around this weekend, nothing compares to the power of God's Word to heal the human body, the wounded soul and the broken spirit.
Well Phil, your shadow may have the power to predict weather. I remember how Peter's shadow healed folks in Acts 5! So whether winter stays or goes, God's Word will continue to be the POWER of God that brings us into a relationship with Christ!