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The Sound of Music

Each year in the month of February I watch music legends appear on the Grammy’s program. Though you and I may think we are peeking in at the music talents of our world, what we are really witnessing is a voice much stronger than music, a revolution of ideas, dreams and visions. From Beiber to Streisand, Muse to Jagger, Lady Antebellum to Lady Gaga, each year when I see this collage of sometimes cacophonous reverberations, I am reminded of the talent and potential that exists in every human being.
There is something is each one of us that leans towards the dramatic. Perhaps we get that from Jesus. Remember when he spit in the ground, made some mud in his hands and then smeared it on the eyes of the blind man? Though he never wore a “meat tunic” he was still unconventional. Unconventional but with a purpose!
Messages were being positioned before the masses last night. Sermons were being preached. Hearts were being touched and emotions were running rampant. Posts and status updates were continuous and tweets were chirping around the globe. We must always make sure that our voices are being used to bring people together and not tear them apart. Perhaps a love revolution is in order? I always wondered what messages were landing in the hearts of people that watch. What did YOU hear? What did YOU see?
Whether you watch the Grammy’s are not, I encourage you to know what is going on around you. We must listen to the voices rising up around us and listen to the notes that are being played in the music that is our life in the US of A. Talent is all around us. Using it properly should be our goal. Though we may not always agree with what we hear, we should have an answer to the questions that are being asked by those we are connected to.
Thank you Lord for music…the voice of the soul and the shout of our spirit. Thank you for reminding me just how talented we can be when we surrender ourselves to the passionate voice you have placed in us. Help us to use that voice in a way that you can be pleased with and a way that brings us together to be all that you designed us to be!.Help us to think more about streets of gold than red carpets!
Love one another! Happy Valentines Day!