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Most of my life has been spent learning the art of hiding my feelings. Perhaps there is such huge pressure placed on each of us to succeed that we are unable to just be ourselves. Often we are encouraged to not let others see our emotions and to shield the truest version of ourselves from others. One of my favorite bands of all time, Chicago, in a recent album recorded a song that grabbed my very core the other day. Let me share the chorus with you...
Your heart is cold, your soul is numb
You don't like who you've become
You played the game and paid the cost for long enough
So grab the reins, yeah, take the wheel
Lose what's not and keep what's real
It's not too late,
Just close your eyes and feel, feel

My prayer today is that all of us will stop allowing life circumstances and problem people to cause us to grow cold and go numb. It's time to take off the masks and be the you that God designed you to be. Lose the fake and embrace the truth. It's not too late to simply...feel!
Give yourself permission today to embrace your "feelings" and learn from them. I have a hunch that you just might like the way you "feel"!