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Grass People

The grass withers and the flowers fall,
because the breath of the Lord blows on them.
Surely the people are grass
. IS 40:7

The people are grass. It made me chuckle this morning. Because I was just looking at my yard yesterday and trying to figure out what kind of grass is in there. Seems that there are more weeds, dandelions and other not so attractive things that the grass is a bit sparse. But spring has just started, hasn't even "sprung" yet and I know that it won't be long until I see more grass and fewer weeds.
I laughed about this because when I consider the "grass"(people) in my "yard"(life)", it can be difficult to allow the grass to grow through the other things that find their way into it. To get my grass to grow in the yard it takes some sunshine and lots of watering. To have a beautiful group of people in my life it will take the Son shining on my life and lots of watering with words: communication and love being poured out from me. I guess I need some divine "weed and feed". Feed the grass and kill the weeds. I want to stop withering and let the breath of the Lord help me to grow. And that is my pray for all of the "grass people" around me!
It won't be long until the grass looks really good in my yard. I like the way these people look in my life too!