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They're Here!

Finally, I am holding the paper pages of the journey that Cup of Joe is undertaking. So thrilled to see what is taking place and so grateful for friends like Keith and Bill who are doing everything they can to make certain you have a chance to sip a cup of joe for yourself!
Of course you can get Cup of Joe on Amazon or order your own Kindle or Nook version. I'd love the opportunity to say thank you by signing a copy for you. If you would like to go this route, just call our office and we will tell you how you can secure your own signed copy of Cup of Joe. (918-321-2300)
To everyone who has ever enjoyed a cup of joe, commented and followed the blog, I say thank you with all of my heart! I hope that this year I get the opportunity to come speak to your church or group so that we can move our dreams forward together! May Cup of Joe's rich flavor bring you God's favor today!