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Friday Night People

Several years ago, my friend Carman penned the words, “it may seem like Friday night but Sundays on the way!” It was all about the resurrection of Christ after three days in the grave. As I remembered those words today I thought about how many of us seem to live in a "Friday night theology". We stay in abusive situations, hang out with critical people and do things that take all of our joy away. Friday night people have no smile inside because they are unable to see the incredible promise that lies ahead.
The only reason that I can even consider this to be a good Friday is because I know what happened that historical Sunday. I know that more than 500 people were witnesses to the fact that not only was Jesus buried in a tomb but he was raised back to life. What he said was true. This single event is what separates Christianity and our leader Jesus from every other religious leader of our time.
When will you stop working for the weekend? Are you overwhelmed by financial pressures and disappointed that the family is falling apart and that there is no happiness in you anymore? It may seem like Friday night but here’s the good news on this good Friday…Sundays on the way!