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Heroes think He Rose

During the final week of ministry on the planet, Jesus had to face much scrutiny and criticism. The Pharisees wants to know where his power was coming from. Still today, everyone wants to know the origin, the source of that power. They say knowledge is power but in reality, life in Christ is truly the most powerful thing we can be a part of.
The debate will always continue as people "search" for Him and find ways to develop their relationship with Him. During this special week in the church, hearts are turned towards Him and people are looking for real ministry that comes from the heart. Find Jesus and you find all that you need. It's not difficult to understand, just hard to do. Perhaps it all boils down to something more easily understandable: something I read from Tim Keller:
"If Jesus rose from the dead, then you have to accept all that he said; if he didn't rise from the dead, then why worry about any of what he said? The issue on which everything hangs is not whether or not you like his teaching but whether or not he rose from the dead".
The real heroes come from those who believe he rose!