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Joetry: Grace

Grace is the reason salvation can come
grace brought Good News, Christ's work had been done.
Grace saves the man, stills the heart, justifies;
it has nothing to do with how hard a man tries
Noah "found" grace as did Jesus and Paul
the lowly are favored with grace through it all
Its the kindness of God and a pardon for sin
just don't use it and go out and do bad again
when its all said and done and your works are completed
you'll be glad you found grace Cause His grace is all you needed!

Grace is so much more than a prayer before a meal and favor from God on those who don't deserve it. It's a reminder to you and I that Jesus paid a price, his life, for our sin so that it could no longer have power over us. Our responsibility is to live right for grace reigns through righteousness.
(charis basileuon dia dikaiosunes)
So I pray for you today as Paul did..."Grace be unto you, and peace from God the Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ"