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Now What?

What a wonderful weekend Easter is. People are more sensitive to spiritual things and to see churches filled with people and colorful outfits is always a sight to see! This was the first year in my nine years as the founding pastor of The Landing that we did not have some musical drama performance as our service which meant I got to preach! As I uncovered the wonderful things that God puts into our lives, things like dreams and love and hope, it was clear that we must accept these things by faith and then trust Him to bring them out in our lives. Many things are resurrected on Easter weekend as people are tuned into what God is doing in the world today.
My question for you to consider now that Easter is over is to ask yourself "now what?" What do you do now with the Jesus that has given you a dream and purpose for your life? With all of the wonderful emotions and excitement that was felt in churches all over the world yesterday, how will you keep it alive in your life? We can live with resurrection power operating in our lives all the time. It was God's plan. So don't take your foot off the gas. Go back to church again each week and let the Lord speak to you and work through you every day. Keep on pressing forward and you can expect amazing things!