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One More Night

Today is what they call Maundy Thursday. It means Holy Thursday and it commemorates the final meal of fellowship that Christ had with His disciples called the Last Supper. Jesus would wash the feet of those closest to Him and they would break the bread and drink the cup. It would be a time of intimacy and securing a deep relational attachment that shows up still today in churches all over the world.
When I think of the Last Supper I think about how it feels to "break bread" with people that I enjoy and feel close to. In this culture we have today, time with the family and friends around the table is harder and harder to facilitate. Our schedules are so busy, our stress level so high that we often grab what we can, when we can and we miss these special moments.
When was the last time you got everyone together and sat around the same table to break bread together? It was important to Jesus because He knew how connections work and that eating together breeds "community".  In fact a family that eats together can do feats together!
Communion further solidifies the community aspect and brings people closer to their purpose; His plan. Jesus spent time with those that he loved during his last evening before being crucified. If you had one more night, who would be around your table? What would you tell them? Maybe we really should live each day as if it were our last.