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Passion for "Joe"

Passion is defined as intense or overpowering emotion;such as love, joy, hatred, or anger. I rarely run into someone that is so passionate about something or someone as Tor Nordstrom. He owns a coffee shop called Nordaggios in Tulsa and when it comes to coffee, well I would have to put Tor way ahead of Juan Valdez!
A few weeks ago he stopped by The Landing so we could talk about cup of joe, his coffee and my new book to see what God was doing with both of them. As he began to speak about his latest acquisition, Kenya Peabody, his eyes lit up and his voice became bolder than any dark roast I have ever experienced. He described the texture of the beans, the roasting process and then even showed me the beans, still bundled up in burlap and bags, which I feature today in the picture on the left. I was so moved by his passion for coffee that if Kenya Peabody could have given an altar call I would have been saved right there!
After he left I wondered why more of us aren't this passionate about the things that we do each and every day. Tor spends his time and energy in search of the best cup of joe for his consumers. I guess that's what we have in common!
If you are ever in Tulsa, you need to go by. Chances are you won't meet Tor because, well he will be looking for beans and thinking about the future of his product and spending as much time with his family as possible. Bless you Tor, for your intense and bold emotion for "joe" and thanks for brewing up the absolute best for us each and every day!
If you'd like to check out some of their coffee, click here!Nordaggios