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I so enjoy my Tuesday morning coffee with Pastor Doug from South County Community Church in Glenpool, This week our discussion revolved around pulling ministries and ministers together. We talked about how alliances are formed and what makes a good one. We realized that other attempts at alliances had failed because we kept talking about what each of us were doing individually and not what we could do together.
There is a natural pull to want to grow and DO more and BE more to your community when you are a church. Our challenge comes as we face the BUSY-ness and miss the real business that God wants us to do. If we really want our "kingdoms"(churches) to grow then we ought to be the most interested in growing His kingdom! It was Ken Blanchard that said, "none of us is as smart as all of us". When we come together as a TEAM everyone wins. Together Everyone Achieves More!
Today, why don't you pray about making some strong alliances that feed your faith and the faith of your community. When we all get together how happy we'll be!