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There is nothing quite as uncomfortable as change. This week I've begun looking at some stories in the Bible that can help you and me navigate the storms of change. I'm preparing for a month long series in May that will develop our coping mechanism as we go through life's transitions. The fact is that every one of us is in some sort of transition right now. Our success or demise is contingent upon how well we adjust during this season.
I like routines. I do the same things every day without even thinking about it. So when things change outside of my control, it's easy to panic. I have to program myself to respond properly.
Today, if you are really going through it, I encourage you to take a deep breath and just say "I trust you Lord". Lean on Him and not what you understand about what is happening. Determine in your heart what you want the outcome to be. As you trust in His leading He promises to keep leaning in your direction. Is today the day you start seeing the desires of your heart?

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