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One of my favorite lines in Jerry Maguire is when he's trying to win his girl back and keeps babbling and then she says, "you had me at hello". Hello! First impressions are so very important in every aspect of our lives. Most people decide how they feel about us in the first minutes they meet us. After that, the strength and depth of the relationship hinges on time spent together and mutual respect. I've taken these simple letters today and put together a very simple thing to remember every time you say hello.

Honor the person-put their needs before your own
Embrace them-a simple hug or firm handshake can do wonders
Love them by looking in their eyes and listening to them
Liberate them by allowing them to be themselves with you
Overwhelm them with generosity and kindness

Think about these simple things the next time you say hello and you will be on your way to a meaningful and long-lasting relationship.