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Quiet Desperation

Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and
go to the grave with the song still in them. 
Henry David Thoreau
I've always been intrigued by this quote. Perhaps it's because the term "quiet desperation" carries with it such an ominous weight every time I hear it. What does that mean? Does despair have a distinct silence?
Some have defined this phrase as "silent hopelessness". Most seem to feel that quiet despair is feeling despair but going on with your life anyway without letting on that you feel it.
Despair is prolonged hopelessness. When we lose our reason for living and deny our passion for the pursuit of something larger than we are, we are setting ourselves up for unsettled minds and lives that are saturated in quiet desperation.
Christ in you IS your only real hope. You can't rely on people. You surely can't put all your trust in your job or the nations economy. You can however hope in nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness.
How do you find him? Just look around at the colorful creation and interesting landscape that surrounds you. Talk to him like you would a friend. Hope will return and your spirit will rise to new heights. Your spirit has a voice. It's time to let it sing!