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A Special Cup for a Special Guy

Today was supposed to be another birthday for someone I shall never forget: Tony Jones. He was not related to me by natural blood but by the supernatural blood of Christ, we were partners in ministry. Tony captured hearts and changed lives with a smile and a powerful testimony of the goodness and grace of God. He saved more people in his final year on the planet than most of us will all our lives. He was an incredible evangelist.
Today, he watches over his wonderful wife and two children and all of those family members that remain to endure his loss but to look forward to their reunion tour. One day we will all gather together again and enjoy the laughs, the smiles and the incredible stories of how we had time together to tell people about Jesus and we did it! One of Tony's legacies came when God showed him how to take his name and start a movement. Tony Jones, how do you do that? Simply turn his first name around and give him the last name of the One that saved him: Ynot Jesus!  Today you can read more about the power of God and even pick up some warrior wear that will continue to help his family and bless your life. Go to today and check it out. I'll see you soon Tony!