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"Life is a series of tradeoffs. If we’re going to grow as influencers, then at different junctures of life, we’re going to have to let go of what we have to take hold of something better. We must give up to go up."
The words from John Maxwell seem simple: let go, trade off, give up to go up! Brilliant!
But if you feel like millions of others, you are certainly aware of the difficulty in doing this. We hold on because it's comfortable. We trade-off because we can't maintain what we have. And most of us just give out before we even get started.
The fact is that we can't do everything and we will have to make choices. Tough choices. Moving from complacency to our place to be will take determination. Today try to give up. Try to position yourself for the greatness that God has already set you up for. Pay attention at each crossroad. Watch for signs. Make a decision to go up! Tradeoff your weakness for God's strength!