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Thinking of You

Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God. Phil 1:3
Paul was addressing the church folk at Phillippi and letting them know that not only did he think about them, but every time that he did, it prompted him to be thankful for them. Years ago there was a song sung by The Baby's which had the line, "every time I think of you, it always turns out good". Out of the mouth of "Baby's" come such encouraging words!
God is thinking about you right now. He cared so much about your path that He planned it out before you were born so that you could enjoy it to its fullest. He never stops caring about you and no matter what you are in the middle of right now, He desires the absolute best outcome for you. He's thinking about you! Let that cause you to be thankful today. Every time He thinks of you, it always turns out good!